Sandra Louise Dyas Photography


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mention on blog

I got a blurb mention and a link off of this blog. My friend Atom Robinson in Minneapolis told me. Nice how this happens! They linked to the photo I took of the barn near Mt.Vernon with the mural painting of Grant Wood's American Gothic painted on it.


  1. I really like the barn shot. I have fond memories of a Barn outside of Detroit that had the Mona Lisa painted on it. We used to stop to take photos in front of it until they finally tore it down to be replaced by a new subdivision. By then the ivy and wild brush had almost claimed it, but I was still sad to see it go. Your barn photo reminded me of it again.

  2. oh i like the idea of mona being on a really brings art out to the world instead of stuck in those white walled churches we call museums.