Sandra Louise Dyas Photography


Friday, July 20, 2012

New Work at the Anderson Gallery

For nearly four weeks I have been pondering over my photos. Editing. Weeding. Trying to be critical. Looking for a body of my best work. It all takes place on my mac. Aperture. Staring at the screen. Scrutinizing each image. Fine-tuning. Listening to each one of them.

Drake University in Des Moines called me and wanted to know if I was interested in having a solo show. This happened a few years ago. I had applied for a Fulbright and had to push the show into the future as I waited to see if I was chosen for this prestigious grant. The first time I applied I was a finalist! The letter of announcing this made me cry. Ultimately I was not chosen as they needed to eliminate one person because of the economy and lack of funding. I applied again the following year. Again, not chosen. Maybe I need to choose a different Fulbright location.

This September I will be exhibiting a new body of work entitled "my eyes are not shut".
The opening reception is Friday, September 7th, 2012. Very exciting. For me, this opportunity is big. I placed a huge print order yesterday....nearly $1,000 for prints. Now I am researching how to apply for Kickstarter. It looks like a viable way to raise funding.

The new work has been culled from my on-going photographic projects. In January I self-published a tiny book on (the hardback version is really beautiful!) called "my eyes are not shut". This book has served as the template for the up-coming solo show. A new book is currently being envisioned in my head.

I hope you will come to the show at the Anderson Gallery in Des Moines. Or maybe you might consider inviting me to show this work in your college or university gallery?

Tammy and R.L. (Richard) at Walker's Barber Shop in Keokuk, Iowa 2011