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Monday, December 28, 2015

Brandon Ross - Down in the Space of Your Heart

Song 11) Down In The Space of Your Heart, written by Brandon. Ross. Played by Nate Bassinger (accordion), Craig Ziegenhorn (electric guitar), Anton Hatwich (bass), Johnathan Crawford (drums), Brandon Ross (guitar and vocals), and Kid Congo Carlini (train wrenches, and flanger).

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Black Mountain College

The Short Life and Long Legacy of Black Mountain College

This kind of philosophy about learning and creative thinking alines with my own. Maybe we should start a new school.....

"Everybody learned from everybody. Although the faculty was technically in charge, students were involved in institutional decision-making. It was also left to them to decide when they were ready to graduate. (Most never did.) There were no course requirements, departmental restrictions, grades or degrees. The school offered, at least initially, a fairly broad-based liberal arts program, with art itself, modernist in mood, at the center, available to all, not necessarily as a professional pursuit but as a means of unlocking creative thinking in students in every field."