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Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Sweetheart Rink - Photographs by Bill Yates

The Sweetheart Rink: Photographer unearths incredible album of portraits taken inside a rural Florida roller rink in 1972

Moment in time: Photographer Bill Yates spent from the autumn of 1972 to the summer of 1973 taking snaps inside the Sweetheart Rink

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Craig Hickman's Magical Trick for "Scanning" B/W Film!

I have been researching film scanners for several months. Then, a few nights ago my friend and artist COLIN IVES told me about a photographer he knows == Craig Hickman. And Colin is spot on, I love Craig's work -- and today I discover he has a genius and simple way of converting b/w negatives to digital files using simple methods. All I need is a macro lens! 


Margaret Atwood | Louisiana Channel

Margaret Atwood | Louisiana Channel

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Interview Project by Jacob Luplow

One of the biggest reasons I love teaching is because I am rewarded and enriched by young, passionate students. If teaching is good I believe it is a two way street. Give and Take. Even if some of my students don't start out being very motivated, I see it as my challenge to open up their world. Living with art in your life is the only way to really live.

Yes, art takes on many forms and everyone is an artist. I am not a traditionalist, more of an open-ended experimentalist, willing to turn my direction midstream if need be. Being around young students is a pleasure, it inspires me, it changes me and it suits my nature of never wanting a day to be exactly like the day before.

Jacob Luplow, a Cornell College senior this year, interviewed me for his The Interview Project last winter (hence the wool hat on my head). So here you are -- I am flattered greatly and am happy to share this project with anyone who is willing to read it! Thank you Jacob for being the kind of smart, savvy student you are.

The Interview Project by Jacob Luplow 2015  Click on the B/W photo of me in my hat to read the interview.