Sandra Louise Dyas Photography


Thursday, June 26, 2014

She Doesn't Blink - Response to Yoko Ono's EYE BLINK

She Doesn't Blink is in response to viewing Yoko Ono's infamous EYE BLINK - a flux film she made in 1966. I saw this work in Denmark, north of Copenhagen last summer in 2013. I was visiting my friend Lene Wyke and we saw posters and billboards everywhere promoting Yoko Ono's major retrospective at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. Beautiful place on the coast with the sea in plain view. The exhibition was truly a gift and I was so incredibly lucky to be there at that time. All chance. The film says so much about who Yoko Ono is as a woman - She Doesn't Blink. Thank you YOKO for your inspiration!

This work is part of a video dialogue with LeAnn Erickson - called HOMEGROWNSTORIES.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014