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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Day 2 of Moffitt Kitchen Renovation

I must say it is truly exciting but like everything that is exciting comes the stress, too. It is a challenge to navigate my house. My routines have been disrupted. The day begins at 9am for the men and therefore I am up, too.

Today the kitchen wall came down and the new space is really wonderful to see. More light will come in because there will not be the wall that blocked it.

Last night I was invited over for a scrumptious butternut squash soup and roasted vegetables with a yogurt mint sauce, cheese and good bread, wine and wonderful company. Matthew created our supper and Jamie and Matt and I enjoyed the evening together. There are perks in this upheaval of space.

Sort of the color my lower cabs will be

Monday, January 12, 2015

Moffitt House Renovation 2015

This project has grown, morphed, changed as time as went by. Not really knowing for sure how it would turn out, I knew I was ready for a big update for my tiny galley kitchen. When I bought this house in 1992, first thing Mom said was "You should tear out this wall and expand your kitchen." I however liked the charm of the little nook space (later painted an incredibly beautiful blue with the help of Melanie).

So it goes. 23 years later and now my Mom is gone... I hope she can see what is happening in this tiny space. I think of her everyday.

Mark Russo showed me a kitchen he had designed and it had dark red laminate cabinets -- I was sold. First I wanted the upper cabs to be made from my Dad's cherry lumber (we made a bed - or I should say Steve Bullard built a beautiful cherry bed for me from that wood) but it was so complicated to figure out how to get the lumber, etc -- that I made the switch to maple cabinets on top and a beautiful green laminate on the bottom cabs. I love GREEN.

 The countertop has been a big dilemma. Still as of right now, no choice. Stainless steel was my first choice. Too pricey so I decided on Marmoleum. This is a product that some of you might remember from growing up. It was used for floors and countertops and still is. It was invented before laminate. I grew up with it. It uses the stainless steel edging around it. Problem was I had already chosen the green bottom cabs and there just is not a good "color" in my mind, to go with the cabs in Marmoleum. The closest I can come is black with little white stuff going thru it. But I think it may be just too dark. Thoughts?

Where the Microwave Used to Be

Tiny apartment size gas stove -- anyone?
I am getting new appliances and for the first time in my life, a dish washer. The city of Iowa City has loans for people who live here and are below a certain income. It is low-interest. Now that my mortgage is finished (YAY!!!), I am going to begin a new loan. It is now or never, I am not getting any younger.

Will keep you posted maybe if I can on the process.

Note the extra amazing beautiful painting of Birdie, my cat, by Gabrielle Karras