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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Timothy Briner - Boonville

I am a regular of viewing FLAK PHOTO. It is the best photo blog I have found - created by ANDY ADAMS from Madison, Wisconsin. This site has introduced me to dozens of great images as well as the image makers (aka photographers). TIMOTHY BRINER shines. Inspiring work. The real deal. BOONSVILLE.

His iPhone photo - close-up of a beautiful woman with big breasts is stunning. NEWS.
Gotta love the name of Briner's blog..."Have You Seen My Dynamite".

Timothy Briner lives in NYC and was born in Chesterton, Indiana. His Boonsville is an ode to small town America. "the search for meaning and connection in modern society and the battle against isolation and failure"

Read an interview with Tim on "We Can't Paint".

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