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Saturday, February 16, 2013

LENSCRATCH - Aline Smithson's Blog with a Twist

On Valentine's Day, Aline Smithson posted artists' self-portraits on her blog, LENSCRATCH. There are a LOT to view. It is really interesting just how many different ways a person can make a self-portrait. My students should take note! Me, too! It is inspiring. Makes me want to create more self-portraits. I usually make one or two whenever I have my camera out - just to document the time and myself as whoever I am at that moment. Otherwise it is rare for me to be in any photographs.

Thank you to Aline for such a wonderful collection/exhibition. Happy Be-Lated Valentine's to Everyone!   Love, Sandy

                                                  Self-portrait in the Englert's Green Room with Caroline Louise, 2012

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