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Monday, March 18, 2013

This JULY I have been invited to teach PHOTOGRAPHY in PRAGUE. Please consider signing up for the workshops. The Prague Summer Program is a unique program that offers classes in Jewish Studies, Creative Writing, Literature, Photography and Yoga. This is the program's 20th Anniversary. 

PIVO is the PSP's blog and I am being "spotlighted" (interview) as a guest faculty member. You can sign up for college credit and it can be transferred to Cornell College (where I teach) or to your college of choice. 

You need a good digital camera and a laptop for editing. There will be beginning and advanced classes in Photography. Jan Pohribny, a well-known and prestigious artist from the CZ will be teaching photography too. 

There will be studio visits to photographers living in the area...and I am very excited that we will all have the experience of meeting Jindrich Streit.   

You need not have an art background, just an interest in learning about the art of photography. This exciting opportunity is for anyone up for a wonderful opportunity to enjoy art and life in the beautiful city of Prague.

Black and White Silver Gelatin photographs were taken in the Czech Republic when I was there for my first time in 2002 - they were hand-printed in 2003. Cornell College awarded me a McConnell Travel Grant and I spent three weeks photographing Prague and several small villages nearby. (c) Sandra L. Dyas

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