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Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Englert at 100 - Photographs of Sandra Louise Dyas

I am so happy about the exhibition at the Englert Theatre - the reception was a smashing success. Tommie mentioned that to me today - that it seemed like it was "smashing" from the photos and it was. I must say it was a really special night. Nothing would be what it is or what it was without my friends - the ones I have known for years and my more recently found friends. My family and my friends - the Englert, a new family!

I hope you will take a few minutes out of your day to look at the 28 photographs we chose to print, matte and frame. It was difficult to say the least to edit down to that few of images to print. I spent an entire year photographing! It was the first time ever to do such a project. A real community project at the wonderful Englert Theatre. It was a special year - their Centennial Year. I am so honored to have been chosen to photograph the events and people involved. The staff and the directors at the Englert are exemplary. Top notch in every way. I looked forward to being at the theatre for so many reasons, one of which was the wonderful people who work there. Thank you to everyone who helped make this residency possible. Thank you to Nick Hotek at Hudson River Gallery and thank you to Dawn Harbor of Glass Harbor for all of your hard work and dedication!

The exhibition of color photographs is accompanied by a hundreds more images you may view on a tv with music. IF you missed the OPENING reception - there will be a CLOSING reception on April 26th. All work is for sale! Please support the Englert!!! All proceeds from the sale of photographs goes to the Englert Theatre.


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