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Monday, August 19, 2013

Don, Owner of the Modern Barber Shop, Burlington, Iowa - Center for Photography, Fort Collins, CO

"Don, Owner of The Modern Barber Shop, Burlington, Iowa" was just selected by juror Barbara Tanenbaum for an exhibition in Fort Collins, CO at the Center for Fine Art Photography. She selected this photograph as a Juror's Honorable Mention in addition to it being exhibited. 50 photographs were selected for "IDentity". (click on Identity for online viewing of work)


  1. This picture definitely says the "identity" of a barber shop for sure. -

  2. Thank you for your comment Dorothy!


  3. In my hometown there has been a revival of classic barbershops on Main Street. I really like the idea of getting my haircut and a clean straight blade shave just how my grandpa used to. It's interesting to see how these modern day barbershops are decorated on the inside!

    Luke |