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Monday, January 27, 2014

Digital Processes - Art Students @ Lawrence U. Blog

I am really enjoying the Digital Processes Blog coming from Lawrence U. students! My visit there was intensely wonderful. When does one get such a chunk of time to create a huge installation of their work in a beautiful space like the Wriston Galleries (see photos posted on FB)??? Meeting the art students at Lawrence U was one of my favorite parts of being there. They were very attentive and none of them fell asleep - or at least I did not notice. I have since been reading their blogging and also watching their experimental videos. Did I mention I love experimental videos???? Thank you Julie Lindemann and Johnie Shimon for making this happen. A very bright spot in my life - a good way to begin 2014.

The work is up for TWO months -- Wriston Galleries, Lawrence U. -- up in Appleton, WI. 

"my eyes are not shut" -- installation of photos and videos

thank you for the photos - SONY and Kate Siakpere

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