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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Sean Preciado Genell, After the Fact

Sean Preciado Genell, Marco's Taxicab, Iowa City, Iowa                                                                           (c) Sandra L. Dyas
Sean is a talented man. He has a new book coming out this year! I was lucky enough to make this portrait of Sean last year. Sean is part of my on-going series, Lost in the Midwest. My work was recently shown in the 2014 National Prize Juried Show presented by the Cambridge Art Association at The University Place Gallery in Cambridge. James Welu, Director Emeritus at the Worcester Art Museum. I think we have an author photo out of this deal, too. Sean expressed to me that it was really hard to get a good picture of himself....I have to disagree. 

                                                                  Sean Preciado Genell, Iowa City, Iowa                                      (c) Sandra L. Dyas

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