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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Continued Renovation of My Kitchen - March 1st

Here we are! Still not finished but closer. I had thought everything would be in place and the workers would be gone by the end of February, not true. The green cabs have been installed on the bottom and the top maple cabinets are being installed - this began on Thursday of last week.

I love the tones in the maple cabinets and I really like how light they are. The countertop was a puzzler for me. I changed my mind over and over again and finally decided on a quartz top with little sparkles in it. Happy about my choice! It is beautiful, durable, easy to take care of and it looks so perfect with its surroundings.

Note my expert painter - Sarah Taft - she transformed the living room, hallway and kitchen with her magic. We spotted and decided on the color of paint in less than 5 minutes. The color is COPEN BLUE from Sherwin & Williams. Love it.

Thinking about a backslash and maybe using pretty Mexican hand-painted tiles....

When you view the things that seem to in my living room.... remember these things will be moving to the kitchen at a later date. One hopes very soon...

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