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Friday, January 29, 2016

"Our Future Exists Because We Have Imagined It"

"Our Future Exists Because We Have Imagined It" was installed at the Peter Paul Luce Gallery, Cornell College Department of Art & Art History in November and early December 2015. Mike worked with MY PHOTO STUDENTS from #104 Photo Imaging -- all 15 of them + Michelle Mouton's writing students.

Mike Bianco visited Cornell College for two weeks -- it was fantastic to have him on campus, in the gallery and with our students.  Students worked with activist/artist Mike Bianco and created a wall of photos in the LUCE GALLERY at Cornell College.

My students were asked to envision their future - and in addition, I gave them several photographic assignments. Mike and my students did several workshops together. At the end of our block (3 1/2 weeks of class) we installed the wall of images my students created. They used all HOLGA cameras, black and white film and darkroom printing practices.

This exhibition/workshop was created by Mike Bianco, activist artist whose art practice "is invested in socially engaged art, and focuses on issues of politics, environment, sustainability, community activism, energy decline, and the impending “century of crisis.”

Professors Michelle Mouton & Sandy Dyas , and their photo & writing students gathered to talk about writing and photography they did in response to visiting artist & environmental activist Mike Bianco, and his challenge to imagine a Cornell College campus of the future. Environmental studies club likewise rose to the challenge and was awarded funding to begin working with the beehives on campus. Facilities workers planted a new swath of prairie on the south side of campus. Students are fired up! 

Almost finished installing my students' photos from this block. A Studio Basics in Art called Photo Imaging. All made with film in the darkroom.

Alexandra Young installs her photographs on the wall in Luce Gallery. My class is part of a collaborative work involving the work of artist Mike BiancoCornell College Department of Art & Art History

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