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Wednesday, March 16, 2016


#Homegrown Stories! Our newest collection of tiny videos prompted by a word. Latest three mini-films use the word "LISTS". LeAnn Erickson and myself been conversing via videos since 2013. Miriam Bennett is our guest artist: "Miriam Bennett is an American artist working in film, video and installation. Bennett’s films and videos have been featured at such venues as the Cleveland International Film Festival, The Art Museum of the Americas (Washington, DC), and The National Gallery of Victoria (Melbourne, Australia), The Akron Art Museum, and in several US galleries in Cleveland, New York, and Chicago. She is the founder of Moving Studio Productions based in Akron, Ohio." 

Miriam, myself and three other past Intermedia artists were in the infamous # f/69 Band together --- a grand, absurd performance art group with ways of Fluxus -- we were at the University of Iowa together in Hans Breder's Intermedia and Video Art program. I met LeAnn Erickson there, too - albeit earlier in my ten year stint as an intermedia student.


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